Monday, August 22, 2011

Final posting

Hi all,

As foretold on our blog posting of 5 July 2011, it's time to let the blog go.

It's hard to see the blog adding any value given the number of people who are or can connect with TES via our traditional YahooGroups email list, and more recently our presence on FetLife which ended up with a massive turnout to the August month.

We haven't got the old website relocated yet, your writer hasn't quite pulled finger on that yet and must get it sorted before the next munch (6 Sept at 7pm) or risk looking rather silly.  But there is a basic page up at our new address which links to the aforementioned YahooGroups and FetLife locations:

Getcha kink on!
The Endorphin Society

Sunday, July 24, 2011

August Munch - Tue 2nd, 7pm

Continuing the reasonably recent change to 7pm start, still downstairs at S&Ms Bar, Cuba St Wellington city. See full details at -

This munch will include "show and tell" for those who want to bring something and talk about it.  To quote from the posting on our new presence on

"The suggestion was made at the last munch to implement a Show and
Tell. The suggestion was met with much enthusiasm, so I'm reminding
everyone to bring something to yap about.

You don't have to bring your whole toy bag. We won't have time to
look at your whole collection of Medieval torture implements; just a
couple will do.

It doesn't necessarily have to be an object or implement, either; it
can be a favorite book or DVD you've found to be particularly
enlightening, just be prepared to give a review of why that book or
DVD resonates with you.

This is not compulsory, if you'd rather not, then that's okay too.
But come along and perv, I'm sure you'll find it interesting!

Looking forward to seeing what's in your bags, folks!"

Friday, July 15, 2011

New TES web site

The old site, where we were piggy backing on someone elses domain, seemed to go kaput months ago.
We now have a new domain of our own -

In due course (hopefully very soon) we'll have the old web pages up at the new address.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fetlife - And likely discontinuance of this blog

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

July Munch - 7pm Tuesday 5th

[We know this is after-the-fact; this was what was tried to be posted a couple of weeks back but it didn't work - trying now to see if it will publish]
Continuing with the earlier start time of 7pm.
As always we are downstairs at S&Ms Bar, 176 Cuba St, between Midnight Espresso and Flying Burrito Brothers.
After grabbing something at the bar, head downstairs, which are near the front window. If there is a red rope at the top of the stairway let yourself through.
We are almost always the only people downstairs. We usually have a couple of balloons on a table so you can be doubly sure it's us.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

June 7th Munch - New Time!

After discussion at the recent May munch, we've tweaked the start time of the munches to better accommodate folk hanging around in town after work, but not make it so early that folk that go home first or work quite late are too disadvantaged.

So the new start time is half an hour early - 7pm.

We continue to be in the downstairs area at S&M bar Cuba St. The top of the stairs might be roped off but let yourself through and head down, and you should find people and probably a balloon or two just to be sure it's us... 98% of the time it is only us down there anyway.

In other news, this year's Capital Fetish Ball date has been set. It is again at the Garden Club, Dixon St, and is Saturday 27th August.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

May Munch - Tue 3rd 7:30pm

The April turnout was remarkable in terms of the loss of daylight savings and the sudden onset of cold weather. There were more new faces, and the usual Wellington 2 degrees of separation in effect where people turned out to have mutual friends and whatnot. Also the usual crossover between the kinky folk and medieval/SCA groups! Same bat-time and same bat-channel for next month's munch. See previous postings for details on S&M bar - we are in the downstairs area usually with blue & black balloons on display so you can be sure it's us. In the meantime there is Wicked Fetish II happening late in April, followed the day after by Wellington Workshop II. You can also kick that weekend off with Carousel Burlesque. It's all happening!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

April Munch Tuesday 5th

A few new faces at the March munch, good stuff.

A five week gap until the April Munch from 7:30pm on Tue 5th.

S&Ms Bar, 176 Cuba Street basically next to Midnight Expresso. After grabbing something at bar, head downstairs (stairs are near the front window). If there is a red rope at the top of the stairway then don't worry and just let yourself in :-)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

March Munch, Tuesday 1st

Same date, day, and time, different month.

Happy times at the February munch in the afterglow of a very successful play party late in January.

Remember you can email us at with any queries.

See you at S&Ms from 7:30pm

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Munch Feb 1st - back to normal

After skipping January we're back to the usual first Tuesday of the month from February onward.

S&Ms Bar, 176 Cuba Street. Official time 7:30pm but often there will be a few there before that.

Head downstairs, if there is a red rope at the top of the stairway then let yourself in :-)